Matthew Bain, M.Ed, M.A., is a certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) and a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. His academic background includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta, a Masters in Education, a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology, and doctoral work in Clinical and Counselling Psychology (ABD). He is currently working on his PhD, studying Sport Psychology with the University of Queensland. Matt works with multiple populations in areas such as stress, motivation, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. In the performance realm, Matt works to assist athletic and performance populations at the provincial, national and international level.

Matt’s sessions: Mental Tactics for Group Leaders: How to Ignite, Inspire and Motivate; Mental Tactics for Personal Trainers: A must-have power tool for Every PT’s toolbox.


Judy Cudrak, B.Sc., B.Mgmt., is an AFLCA Trainer in aquatic exercise, group exercise, and resistance training and a YMCA training educator. She is a Keiser national trainer, a fusion instructor, and a 200 hour registered Yoga teacher. Judy has been in the fitness industry for over 34 years, and brings her passion and love for fitness to every class and course she teaches.  

Judy’s sessions: Aquatic Tethered Training Course (preconference), Ride Your Upper and Lower Limits, Super Aqua Cycle, Circuit Training with a Splash.


Michol Dalcourt is an internationally recognized industry leading expert in human movement and performance. He is the founder and CEO of the Institute of Motion, inventor of the ViPR, and co-founder of PTA Global. Michol has given hundreds of international lectures and has been a feature speaker at many of the world’s top fitness conferences, as well as fitness clubs, colleges and universities around the world. He has contributed to programs and training delivered to general clientele along with athletes of all levels such as: college level pitchers, NHL hockey players, NLL lacrosse players, and Olympic gold medal athletes. In his spare time, Michol surfs with his wife, daughter, and black Labrador in Solana Beach, California.

Dalcourt’s sessions: Self Assessments and Programming for the Foot / Ankle Complex, Programming Solutions to Bulletproof the Low Back, Functional Strength Programming: Deadlifts and Deadshifts, Functional Strength Programming: Ground to Standing; Programing Power Training for Successful Aging


Michelle Felzmann is a highly accomplished fitness professional with over 25 years of experience. Recently selected as one of Canada’s top fitness instructors for 2019 by Impact Magazine, her career spans from fitness instructor, personal trainer, program director, international fitness presenter and a TRX master instructor. Michelle specializes in many aspects of group training including: TRX, HIIT, strength, choreography and more. Her passion for fitness is evident in her energetic, inspiring, and intense workouts.

Michelle’s sessions: Strength, Power, Speed: Athletic Performance in Group

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Adam Jongsma is the owner and director of education development for Kinetic Performance. Working as a clinical Kinesiologist and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Adam has worked with professional athletes from the NHL, NFL, CFL, SPL, as well as various amateur athletes and teams from the NCAA, CIS, and local grassroots organizations. His education and experience have enabled him to become a highly regarded leader in the movement education and personal trainer development field, presenting courses and conference sessions across North America. He believes training and rehabilitation should be evidence-based and experience-led, so his mission is to empower fitness and allied health professionals to optimize movement and longevity by bridging the gap between the two fields using research-based, practical education.

Adam’s sessions: Building a Foundation of Tension, The Gamification of Core Training, Addressing Common Compensation Patterns

Lesley McEwan works at the University of Alberta, Provincial Fitness Unit as the AFLCA Project Coordinator. She also facilitates the AFLCA Ever Active Kids and Fitness for the Older Adult and Functional Independence Training programs to leaders and practitioners. Lesley has worked in the fitness field for over 25 years as a Trainer, Consultant, Program Coordinator and Fitness Leader. She is a gold medal master athlete in body building and curling. Lesley possesses a true passion for supporting practitioners through their educational pursuits necessary to lead safe and functional physical activity programs.

Lesley’s sessions: AFLCA Ever Active Kids Course (pre-conference)


Ira McNamara, B.A. Health Science and Kinesiology, FIS Canfitpro, POUND® Pro for POUND® Rockout Workout, is an award-winning fitness coach who trains the trainers. For the last 20 years, Ira has worked in a variety of fitness environments as a personal trainer, group fitness manager, and educator. He works to inspire people to not only get fit, but to dream bigger and live a life FULLY ALIVE! He is owner operator of Cornerstone Fitness, an online fitness community that uplifts, motivates, and inspires people to be obsessed with life NOT their workouts. Through online fitness and health education, Ira has been impacting the community at large to take a new stand on health and fitness. He has a heart to help people who have a great desire to change.

Ira’s sessions: POUND® Rockout Workout (sponsored), Generation POUND® (sponsored)

Dr. Stephen Norris is a leading performance consultant and applied sport scientist currently working with a select group of international organizations engaged in the performance of sport, business, and military objectives. Specific projects currently involve: Sport for Life (Canada), the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), Hockey Canada, the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA), LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, and several sport development and corporate speaking engagements worldwide. Overall, Stephen views himself as a ‘sustainable performance system conversationalist’ and aims to assist individuals, teams, organizations, and corporations achieve more effective and efficient levels of impact.

Stephen’s session (Saturday opening presentation): Asleep at the Wheel: Lessons Learned From a Life of Mistakes


Suzette O’Byrne has been active in the fitness industry since 1984. Her credentials include: B.Sc. Kinesiology, AFLCA Trainer of Fitness Leaders, Keiser Master Trainer, Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Yoga therapist, and the author of Yoga for the Core: Finding Stability in an Unstable Environment. In addition to teaching at conferences, workshops and teacher training programs throughout North America, Suzette is a faculty member with Mount Royal University’s Yoga Therapy Program in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Suzettes’ sessions: Indoor Cycle: Race, Yoga + Ride: When Two Worlds Collide

Robin O’Grady is an experienced fitness professional, speaker and Mindset Coach dedicated to delivering strategies and tools that make wellness achievable for everyone. Robin is a regular presenter and educator at facilities and conferences across North America and is proud to be a certified Mindset Coach, Lebert Fitness Master Trainer, and an AFLCA Assistant Trainer. In addition to owning O’Grady Consulting, Robin is a group fitness instructor, dance instructor and martial artist. Robin’s contagious energy and positive outlook make her sessions uplifting and inspiring!

Robin’s sessions: Naacho Bolly Fitness (sponsored), Brilliant Full Body Bender Ball,


Krista Popowych, B.HKin, has been inspiring fitness leaders, trainers, and managers for over two decades with her motivating and practical sessions. As the 2014 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year award winner and a two-time canfitpro Canadian Fitness Presenter of the Year, Krista has shown an outstanding commitment to fitness and truly walks the talk. As an international trainer and education consultant for Keiser® and JumpSport®, TV personality, DVD creator and talent, past program director, published author, professional speaker and Adidas 3-stripe team member, Krista spreads her passion for fitness around the globe. Her goal has always been to inspire others through education and movement and she does just that through her creative sessions and real-life approach to fitness.

Krista’s sessions: Box and Bosu, The Express Lane, Bike and Barre, Bodies in Motion:Foundation Flow, Final 10!

Jessica Power Cyr, MSc., B.ScKin., CSEP-CEP, ACSM-CES, AFLCA Trainer, FMS Level 2, is a fitness and mind body coach, leading industry educator, programmer and public speaker. Jessica brings a wealth of information, charisma, and personality to each session making them fun and easy to learn from. You’ll never walk away bored from one of her sessions, and you’ll learn something new or change your perspective on something old. Jess is fortunate to be working closely with industry leaders at Mount Royal University, CSEP and the AFLCA to provide you with industry trends that are safe and effective. Get ready to ‘Get Powered Up!’ in one of Jessica’s sessions!

Jessica’s sessions: Physical Activity and Neurodegenerative Diseases, Recovery for Enhanced Performance, Funtensity: Supercharge Your Indoor Cycling Classes (with Helen Vanderburg), Periodization for Your Real-Life Clients.

Susan Simpson, ACSM CEP, AFLCA Assistant Trainer, Yoga Alliance, STOTT Pilates, has been devoted and passionate in the promotion of health and fitness since 1981. She is the creator and master trainer of Step Up To The Barre™ and currently owns S2 Barre and Fitness Studio in Calgary. Susan’s entrepreneurial spirit and zest for fitness has contributed to her successful career as she continues to present and educate as an AFLCA Assistant Trainer, a fitness consultant, Group Exercise leader, Mind Body instructor, personal fitness trainer and small group training coach.

Susan’s Sessions: Step Up to the Barre

Lynne Skilton-Hayes, B.Sc., is the fitness program supervisor at the University of Guelph where she is responsible for the programming of hundreds of programs for students, faculty, staff, and community. Lynne brings over 22 years of education and experience to the fitness industry. She is an International Fitness Presenter/Educator, Matrix Master Trainer, GSTC TRX trainer, canfitpro ProTrainer, and Woman of Distinction nominee (2016, 2017). Lynne has done work for television, print media, and been in videos for IDEA Fitness association’s online curriculum.

Lynne’s sessions: Metabolic Mayhem, Hit’n and Kick’n It, Keep on Steppin’


Triple Delight Aquatic Team is a multi-talented group exercise instructor team consisting of Jeannie Brown Johnson and Erica Wilson. Together, they have over 34 years of experience leading classes in the pool and on land and are certified through the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA), American Council on Exercise (ACE), and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). They have provided continuing education for fitness professionals through AEA and AFAA as well as authored numerous articles published in AEA’s AKWA magazine. They conduct shallow and deep water instructor training, lead multiple group exercise classes on cruise ships as Fun and Fitness Travel Club hosts, and help instructors incorporate challenging, hydrodynamic, cardiovascular choreographed and freestyle combinations into fun, safe aquatic workouts.

Triple Delight’s Sessions: Be Fit While You Sit, Great Balls of Fire, Not Your Average Total Body Conditioning, Deep Challenge, Aqua Kickboxing


Helen Vanderburg, B.PE, is owner of Heavens Elevated Fitness, Yoga, Spin Studio and Fusion Fitness TrainingTM. With over 35 years of experience in teaching, training, club management, program development and motivational speaking, Helen brings a wealth of experience to her presentations worldwide. She is the recipient of many industry awards, including canfitpro Lifetime Achievement and Presenter of the Year, IDEA Instructor and Program Director of the Year, IDEA Top Industry Contributor, an elite athlete as a former World Champion synchronized swimmer, and an honoured member of the Sports Hall of Fame. Helen is the Commercial Fitness Education Manager for Balanced Body, and International Master Trainer and Educational Program Developer for BOSU, Hedstrom Fitness, Schwinn Cycling, and Fusion Fitness.

Helen’s sessions: Fascial Facts and Myths, Indoor Cycle: Leave Em Breathless, Myofascial Release Techniques, Fire and Ice, Funtensity: Supercharge Your Indoor Cycling Classes (with Jessica Power Cyr), 3D Core

Allison Ward has been with the HIGH Fitness team since June 2018. With a passion for fitness that started when she was 16 years old, she loves being able to train, support, and mentor instructors to be the best version of themselves. On a personal level, HIGH has brought her a renewed sense of self and she is excited to pay it forward by empowering others to do the same.  

Allisons’ Sessions: HIGH Fitness (sponsored)

Janay Wilson, HIGH Fitness trainer, has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years and has been with HIGH Fitness since its first year of inception. She holds a deep passion for inspiring others to a life of health and happiness and is grateful for the opportunities to present the HIGH Fitness model to new and experienced instructors.

Janay’s sessions: HIGH Fitness (sponsored)