Sunday Sessions



7:45 – 9:15 am

Lynne Skilton-Hayes - Keep on Steppin’

Are you looking for some new ideas for your next step class? In a choreography rut and need a little inspiration? Rhythm changes, stomps, and spins are only some of the choreography elements we will use. This workshop is full of sensible learning curves that enable you to achieve the latest in choreography. You’ll walk away with some unique and challenging, yet teachable choreography.

Michol Dalcourt - Functional Strength Programming: Ground-to-Standing

Ground-to-standing (G2S) drills are exercises that enhance our ability to get up and down off the ground, the most famous being Turkish get-ups and burpees. This session will take you through a variety of progressive G2S exercises that will enhance strength, mobility, and cognitive function while creating a fun and engaging experience for all. Come learn how this form of exercise is being correlated with sustainable long-term health! Note: Participants must have the capability of getting up and down off the ground unassisted.

Helen Vanderburg - Fire and Ice

Heat it up and cool it down. The perfect balance of high intensity and restoration. Fuel your internal fire and feel the burn of high intensity training with a short intense interval training workout followed by the cooling and calming of yoga inspired stretches. This all-in-one workout is the perfect balance of yin and yang, the internal fire and ice.

Krista Popowych - Bike and Barre

In today’s indoor cycling world where variety is key, learn how to create Bike and Barre classes that tie in the components of a solid ride with lower-body focused barre exercises. From revolutions to reps, take away effective ideas that will give your riders the know-how and the tools to add combination-style rides into their training repertoire and programming.

Adam Jongsma - The Gamification of Core Training

Core training does not need to be limited to boring stationary isometrics. Introduce some gamification into your routine. Not only will your clients appreciate the change, but they will develop an adaptable spinal stabilization system. Following this interactive session, you will leave with a few example games, but more importantly, you will have the knowledge necessary to create games out of your favourite core exercises to keep your clients continually engaged. 


9:45 – 11:15 am

Susan Simpson - Step Up to the Barre 

Experience a high-energy fitness program that combines both large and small compound muscle movement with athletic cardio intervals for an overall strength, endurance, cardio, balance and core workout. Take fitness-based movements, add ballet inspired exercises and connect deeper into the muscles by integrating the step platform. Step Up to the Barre; it’s an easy to follow, fun, safe, and challenging workout suitable for everyone!

Krista Popowych - Bodies in Motion: Foundation Flow

In this session, participants will learn and experience interesting exercise combinations that include all foundation exercises (squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, plank, and rotation) combined with loaded movement patterning that transitions smoothly from exercise to exercise. Learn the benefits of loaded movement training and try combinations that you can use for small group training or group fitness classes.

Ira McNamara - Generation POUND® (sponsored)

Discover POUND®’s newest program, Generation POUND®, a workout geared towards kids and a movement aimed at changing the concept of health and fitness for today’s youth. Generation POUND® makes fitness about self-expression, empowerment, self-love, and fun by introducing alternative ways to move, rock, play, and make noise. Participants will tap into their inner child as they experience a Generation POUND® PLAY-list and learn the formula behind the youth-oriented program. Participants will learn key teaching concepts and strategies for youth instruction and leave inspired, ready to teach the next generation of educators, leaders, and noisemakers.

Jessica Power Cyr/Helen Vanderburg - Funtensity: Supercharge Your Indoor Cycle Classes 

Join the dynamic duo, Helen and Jessica, for an energy packed workshop that will inspire! This FUN yet INTENSE workshop will take you through a lesson plan that integrates a balance of technique, drills, and power while weaving in fantastic music, motivation and entertainment for a perfect blend of edutainment. Ride to their favourite playlist and leave with killer drills to bring back to your classes! Come find your ‘funtensity’!

Adam Jongsma - Addressing Common Compensation Patterns

CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and HIIT are immensely popular. Unfortunately, many people are developing compensatory spinal stabilization strategies due to a combination of functional capacity limitations, improper cueing, and an overemphasis on the posterior kinetic chain. These strategies can lead to pathological imbalances in the anterior and posterior chain, potentially leading to pain and/or injury. In this session, you will learn how these compensation strategies develop and explore various tools to minimize their impact on the body and its movement.


11:45 – 1:15 pm

Michol Dalcourt - Programming Power Training for Successful Aging

Aging is defined as the loss of adaptability and function over time. From a training adaptation perspective, evidence has shown most adults lose power adaptations FASTER than strength adaptations. In this session, we’ll explore the potential reasons why we lose power as we age and provide training and programming solutions to arm our clients with an ability to successfully age.

Krista Popowych - Final 10!

The last 10 minutes of a workout session often wraps up with abs, core and a stretch. In this workshop, leave with exercise ideas that add to the last part of any client’s workout. From creative abdominal exercises, beneficial core training and effective stretch sequences, the Final 10 is a great way to put the finishing touch on any session.

Helen Vanderburg - 3D Core

Everyone wants to train core but are the core exercises that clients crave effective? In this session, we will look at a new approach to core exercises and practice 3-dimensional core training. Experience how breath control stimulates a greater activation of the core and how breath and movement are linked to give you more effective core training. Apply breathing techniques to movements that train the core in its function as the power centre for stability and movement.

Triple Delight Aquatic Team - Aqua Kickboxing

This workshop is designed to equip the aquatic fitness instructor with the basic tools needed to gain knowledge about different types of kickboxing base movements and increase their knowledge about the logical progression to more advanced 32 count combinations. This workshop will focus on innovative and challenging choreography using traditional kickboxing moves with easy teachable blocks. Kicking and punching combinations are taught with correct posture and functional range of motion. We will take a look at the variations/adaptations when executing moves in an aquatic setting.

Jessica Power Cyr - Periodization for Your Real-Life Clients

The simple definition of periodization is planned RESULTS. The goal of periodization is to design a program that includes a big picture goal, mid-point goals, and short-term goals so you can achieve a goal within a certain timeframe. Sounds easy enough, right? What happens when LIFE happens to your real-life clients? And, you haven’t seen them for weeks? And, they haven’t been doing their workouts? Does the whole periodization schedule go out the window? Jessica will provide you with great tools to design simple, straight-forward periodization programs that you can implement in your classes, registered programs, and with your real-life clients. We will discuss how to manipulate the volume of work, intensity of effort, and rest and recovery phases to design realistic programs that produce planned results!


1:30 – 2:45 pm

Judy Cudrak - Circuit Training with a Splash

Learn how to create an exciting circuit class in a new medium—water. A fantastic way to maximize your participant’s workouts, circuit formats can be as fun as any other medium and even more intense with the additional element of water. By understanding the science of circuit training, you will take away methods to plan a program that is safe and modifiable to suit all participant needs.