Saturday Sessions


7:30 – 8:30 am

Dr. Stephen Norris - Asleep at the Wheel: Lessons Learned From a Life of Mistakes

Stephen will open up to describe his professional and personal journey, his ups and downs with candid observations and suggestions for all, as we navigate our own experiences. Stephen’s key message—although we think we are on our own, we are not. There are always people and resources to turn to for advice, direct assistance, and the occasional ‘kick up the backside.’ 


8:45 – 10:15 am

Michol Dalcourt - Self-Assessments and Programming for the Foot/Ankle Complex

Lack of multi-planar mobility in the foot/ankle complex can wreak havoc up the kinetic chain, leading to an increased risk of injury through the knees and low back. Instead of trying to “fix” our clients’ foot/ankle mobility, imagine a scenario where we empower our clients with the knowledge and solutions to easily self-assess, and then self-address their movement function. In other words, we teach them how to self care. This interactive session will explore strategies to empower our clients with the ability to self-assess their foot/ankle complex and then provide solutions for enhancing their movement function using a systematic approach.

Robin O’Grady - Naacho Bolly Fitness (sponsored)

Naacho Bolly Fitness is a high-energy dance fitness program, bringing Bollywood style and flair to dance and fitness classes everywhere. Every Naacho class includes creative, traditional choreography featuring Bollywood, Bolly Hip Hop, and Bhangra/folk styles. In this session, we will dance, work hard, and have the time of our lives!

Helen Vanderburg - Fascial Facts and Myths

Fascia is a hot topic in the fitness, yoga and Pilates industry. Understanding human function and movement is rapidly evolving and staying current is important to teaching and training clients. With a deeper understanding of the physiological adaptations for the human body to move with grace, power, and endurance, the way we train has changed drastically over the past decade. The idea of isolation has shifted to integration whether it is to gain strength, stability or mobility. Stretching a muscle is being replaced with whole body movement in a wide variety of patterns using diverse techniques to maintain and gain mobility. In this full-body stability and mobility workshop, you will learn the main fascial lines, gain an understanding of how the fascial system affects movement, and practice fascial-line movement patterns to enhance performance.

Triple Delight Aquatic Team - Be Fit While You Sit

Get your Baby Boomers off the couch and in the chair for a sit-down, stand-up, bust-your-gut workout! Participants will learn how to instruct seated and standing exercises for active seniors with a mission to improve their ability to perform activities for daily living. Get ready to explore how to move and be fit while you sit!

Matthew Bain - Mental Tactics for Group Leaders: How to Ignite, Inspire, and Motivate Your Participants to Go Above and Beyond

Everyone sets goals. Whether these goals are here and now, or long term, each exercise participant attends your classes with purpose. A challenge in your practice is to identify (ignite), impress (inspire), and imprint (motivate) success for each of your participants. Attending this session will involve experiential learning activities paired with theoretical understanding. Each group leader can strengthen the connection between a participant’s physical desires and psychological and emotional strengths. Come prepared to reflect on your practices and strengthen your current ideas, while gaining understanding about how to mobilize your participants to greater depths for their effort and attitude in your class!


10:45 am – 12:15 pm

Michol Dalcourt - Programming Solutions to Bulletproof the Low Back

Musculoskeletal injury and pain in the low back has become highly prevalent in most first world countries, influencing all aspects of our lives. It’s clear that personal trainers must have programming and coaching solutions to help clients reduce their injury potential and re-establish confidence in their movement ability. In this session, we’ll explore a unique approach to restoring function through the lumbopelvic-hip complex so you can coach your client to better health and improved confidence to move!

Ira McNamara - POUND® Rockout Workout (sponsored)

Unleash your inner rockstar in this cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Designed for all fitness levels, whether you’re a conditioned athlete or a beginner, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, improving your health, and rocking out! Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, participants will learn how to transform drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out. In addition to providing a challenging method to train the body, participants will learn how POUND® promotes positive mood, elicits confidence, enhances unity, and ultimately, inspires positive action in life. Participants will leave this session with an understanding of POUND®’s effect on the mind, body, and inner rockstar.

Lynne Skilton-Hayes - Metabolic Mayhem

This workshop will review the energy systems and show you how to blend metabolic boosting HIIT training, body weight strength/power exercises, and traditional kickboxing combinations and drills for a workout that will empower your students to kick some serious a**. Bring a workout formula back to your students guaranteed to build strength and stamina, improve dynamic flexibility, and balance through all planes of motion.

Helen Vanderburg - Indoor Cycling: Leave’em Breathless

Sports Psychology + High-Intensity Training = Explosive Results! Get ready for a dose of the fitness industry’s hottest topic paired with mind/body tools. Experience an all-out explosive sweat session plus the science, skills, and electric coaching you can take back to your classes to leave ‘em breathless...again!

Triple Delight Aquatic Team - Great Balls of Fire

This workshop is designed to light up the pool with full-body sculpting, toning and balancing. Experience the fun while learning how to:

  • engage trunk muscle movement for core stability and postural control/balance,

  • incorporate the ball into deep-water cardio movements, and

  • practice hand/eye coordination using the ball individually and with a partner.

This challenging yet fun class format gives participants an intense cardio workout off and on the ball. Engage upper body, core stability, and lower limbs like never before…action that’ll set your class on fire!

Jessica Power Cyr - Physical Activity and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Join Clinical Exercise Physiologist Jessica Power Cyr for an intriguing lecture on how regular physical activity impacts the health of your brain. She will discuss the positive effects of how physical activity and exercise can delay and may protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as; dementia, Parkinson’s and MS. She will present current research including case studies on how exercise positively impacts those who already have a chronic brain disease diagnosis. We will finish the session with a discussion on best practices for activity and exercise selection for people living with neurodegenerative diseases. The goal of this session is to give you the tools to learn about how exercise really is medicine! Come ‘Get Powered Up’ with Jess.

Block 4

1:15 – 2:45 pm

Michol Dalcourt - Functional Strength Programming: Deadlifts and Deadshifts

A deadstart is an exercise that requires overcoming a mass’ resting inertia. One example is deadlifts, a staple in strength and conditioning due to its many benefits for human health and performance. If we take a look at how we ‘deadlift’ outside of the gym, we recognize that we often have to deadlift submaximal load in a variety of directions and from a variety of postures. In this session, we’ll explore two forms of deadstarts— deadlifting and deadshifting—to help your clients develop the functional strength required for both life and sport performance.

Krista Popowych - Box and BOSU

Are you ready to infuse your cardio workouts with some kicks, jabs, and heart-pumping interval training with the BOSU? Join Krista as she leads you through this no-fluff, no excuses cardio kickboxing workout. Get down and dirty in a session that incorporates punches, kicks, agility combinations, high intensity interval training drills and the BOSU that’ll keep your participants coming back for more. Get ready to box it up!

Janay Wilson/Allison Ward - HIGH Fitness (sponsored)

Have you heard? Aerobics is back—bigger, better and HIGHer! We have solved the toughest problem in fitness—getting people to love it! HIGH transforms old-school aerobics into a highly addictive new fitness experience that combines simple, modern fitness techniques (i.e., HIIT, plyometrics, etc.) with music you know and love. This results in a high energy, INTENSE and crazy fun workout that leaves participants feeling HIGH and wanting more. Beyond the workout, the HIGH fitness culture embodies a lifestyle of empowering people to maximize their health and be the best version of themselves. Embrace HIGH Fitness by discovering a new format to inspire people to LOVE physical activity and keep them coming back for more!

Suzette O’Byrne - Indoor Cycle: Race!

This session is for the instructor who wants to know where they are at—using metrics, and where they are going—using effective goal setting. This workshop is ideal for the indoor-cycling enthusiast who wants to ork to achieve more than they thought possible.

Triple Delight Aquatic Team - Not Your Average Total Body Conditioning

Give your water-conditioning classes a reboot with this shallow- and deep-water, total-body conditioning using noodles, aqua-bells, and more. Participants will learn innovative ways to incorporate various pieces of equipment to challenge and give their students the results they desire.

Jessica Power Cyr - Recovery for Enhanced Performance

There’s usually one crucial aspect most workout regimes tend to overlook—the recovery. In today’s society, the idea of slowing down is not something that always comes naturally to people. This is our chance to educate our participants and clients on the importance of rest and recovery. Rest is critical for enhanced performance for a variety of reasons. The one we are most familiar with is that rest is physically necessary so that the muscles can repair, rebuild, and strengthen. In this session, Jessica will discuss the physiological and psychological importance of rest and recovery via the latest research on the appropriate rest between sets, rest-to-work ratios for intervals, and how much time we need for recovery between workouts. Get ready for a ‘Powered Up’ session with Jess!


3:15 – 4:45 pm

Lynne Skilton-Hayes - Hit’n and Kick’n It

Blend heart-pounding, bootcamp-inspired power moves with traditional kickboxing drills and combinations. You’ll review critical techniques on punches and kicks and learn how to progress drills and combinations with guidelines for safe and effective program design in mind. This workshop is ideal for both a new instructor looking to teach kickboxing or the seasoned instructor looking for new ideas for their athletic classes. Come take a jab at this intense workout!

Krista Popowych - The Express Lane

This session will provide trainers and instructors with three 20-minute, no-excuse express workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere. With little to no equipment, walk away with three different workouts that take the guesswork out of what is possible. This session promises to be fun, challenging and effective. Get ready to jump into the express lane!

Helen Vanderburg - Myofascial Release Techniques

Through the effective use of self-myofascial release techniques, inspired stretching techniques, and restorative exercises, this workshop will provide you with a simple and highly effective method to increase range of motion, decrease tension, and restore the body. Learn easy to use sequences for releasing, relieving, and restoring the most common areas of discomfort in the body. Take away a method to bring back to your clients that will support longevity and assist them in moving better in life and sport.

Judy Cudrak - Ride Your Upper and Lower Limits

Let’s explore the upper and lower limits of your power zones. After determining your individual threshold power, we will ride terrain that intermixes the upper and lower limits of each of your zones. Grab your water bottle and towel and be prepared for a mental and physical cycling challenge like no other!

Triple Delight Aquatic Team - Deep Challenge

Get your deep on with this creative, fun, deep-water challenge of choreographed combinations. Kick the cardio up a notch for adventurous beginners and advanced participants by adding buoyancy belts and bells and by incorporating a wide array of arm and leg patterns. Teachable instruction enables participants to lead classes with a mixture of combinations.

Matthew Bain - Mental Tactics for Personal Trainers: A Must Have Power Tool for Every PT’s Toolbox

Personal trainers ask for clients’ goals and motivations, as well as how each exercise participant has experienced training. Just as the exercises and training experiences clients have had are in the past, their mindsets may also be in the past. The present training experience is an opportunity to establish firm ground, and long-term perspective, set deeper roots, broader thinking around goals, and clearly-established focus strategies for improved success in the moment. Explore key topics and strategies to integrate into your current psychological and emotional training strategies. Please attend this session prepared to both think and DO! I would not have learning any other way.


5:00 – 6:30 pm

Michelle Felzmann - Strength, Power, Speed: Athletic Performance in Group

Turn your group fitness participants into true athletes. Through focused training of strength, power, and speed you can raise the bar in the fitness levels of all your participants. In this workshop, you will learn how to effectively transition exercises to flow from one to the next while maximizing training time to accrue fitness gains.

Adam Jongsma - Building a Foundation of Tension

Tension should always precede movement. In an experienced mover, the body intuitively develops the tension necessary to stabilize and control each motion. Yet, many inexperienced or young clients lack the ability to create adequate pretension or demonstrate an inability to maintain tension throughout a full range of motion. In this session, we will place an emphasis on creating tension throughout a full range of motion using various cues and techniques in a multitude of movements. Using these concepts, you will be able to teach clients, regardless of starting level, how to perform any movement safely and effectively.

Robin O’Grady - Brilliant Full Body Bender Ball

Beyond core training, the Bender Ball has many uses in total body conditioning. In this creative yet intense session, you will learn how to take your clients to the next level of training. Using mindful exercises, we will not only increase their strength and agility, we will also create a mind-body connection that will serve to prevent injury and increase confidence. This session will present workout ideas suitable for both the group fitness instructor and/or personal trainer.

Suzette O’Byrne - Yoga + Ride: When Two Worlds Collide

What happens when you combine cycling with yoga? You get a stronger body and mind! This workshop will take you through an intense interval class where you’ll push your limits and exceed your expectations. You’ll complete your workout with poses to stretch all the muscles you worked and finish with a mindful meditation. It’s time to experience the amazing fusion when these two worlds collide!

Judy Cudrak - Super Aqua Cycle

In this deep-water workshop, learn creative ways to incorporate cycling interval drills into your class program. We will explore variations in speed, resistance, and body position to challenge any level of participant in this non-impact environment.


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